Darlinghurst Studio


Status | Completed

How small is too small? The Darlinghurst Studio is a complete refit of an existing studio apartment in an early twentieth century building. While NEA are not enthused by the argument that living small is the answer to Sydney’s affordability crisis or need to increase density, the challenge of reorganising an existing micro-apartment (total floor area a shade under 30sqm) is not to be passed up. The budget for this project was as limited as the size of the apartment and efficiencies had to be found at every stage of the process. Off-the-shelf joinery carcasses were fitted with custom plywood doors, the existing floor was refinished by the owner and changes to the existing structure were minimised. In order to make the studio habitable for two, storage has been inserted and maximised wherever conceivably possible.

Builder | ARC Projects

Photographs | Nathan Etherington