Wall House II

2016 - 2018

Status | Complete

Wall House II is situated in Adelaide’s oldest residential suburb. Planned by Colonel Light in union with the central city, North Adelaide uniquely integrates the urban grid with local topography and the parklands greenbelt. The design of the house, for two retired historians, sought to synthesise these distinctive qualities of the city's planning with the historic local context. Wrapped in its own green belt, the house mediates the public city and private dwelling, the historic suburb and contemporary expression by means of a bluestone wall perforated with openings. This material, abundant in local nineteenth-century houses and fences wraps a light-weight timber clad house. Windows frame views of the surrounding context at different scales: the street, the cathedral, the neighbourhood and the city, further anchoring the house in place. Inside, a lifetime's collection of books and objects is accommodated and jarrah floors and cabinets evoke memories of the client’s previous houses.

Builder | Lucent Constructions

Structural engineer | Struktura